Monday, January 25, 2010

Suds and Snacks

CCR Members
meet AWAR and the Commonwealth Club at

"Suds and Snacks"

Had your fill of wine over the holidays?
February is a perfect month for savoring the pleasures of hearty craft beers and microbrews with their rich amber colors and refreshing aromas so evocative of winter!

Did you know beer has much more (if not much, much more...) potential for perfect pairings with your favorite cheeses?
CCR members and their partners are cordially invited to the farmhouse residence
of Lori Hickey(CCR member) and Ottavio Lancellotti
(via Pisana 600 in the Monteverde/Aurelio neighborhood - 6 kms from the Vatican)
Saturday evening, February 6th from 6-10:30pm

For details please contact us at or directly with Lori Hickey.