Monday, February 8, 2010

CCR Olympic Winter Party Quiz

As you know the CCR is hosting our very own Vancouver Winter Olympic Party on 11 February at the Antica Enoteca in Rome. As promised in order to win one of the many prizes which will be given away at the party, we have prepared a quiz on facts about Canada.

Can you answer these questions?
  1. Who was the first Canadian born Governor General?
    A. Vincent Massey, B. Roland Michener, C. Samuel de Champlain

  2. Who is Canada's most decorated war hero?
    A. George Vanier, B. William Barker, C. Billy Bishop

  3. On June 20, 1868 Governor General Monck first proclaimed that "All loving Canadians throughout Canada should ...
    A. celebrate Dominion (Canada) Day on July 1." B. pay their taxes." C. vote."

  4. Canada touches 3 oceans, how many kilometers of coastline do we have?
    A. 24,379. B, 243,791 C, 2,437

  5. In 1992, Roberta Bondar was the first ever Canadian woman to ...
    A. become a general, B. win the Nobel Prize, C. reach outer space

  6. In 1929, Canadian doctors Tisdall, Drake and Brown of the Sick Children hospital in Toronto invented ...
    A. disposable diapers. pacifiers, C. pablum

  7. Which Canadian scientist won the 1923 Nobel Prize in medicine for developing insulin?
    A. Frederick Banting B. John Macleod C. Charles Best

  8. Who was Canada's first female medical doctor?
    A. Jeanne Mance, B. Emily Stowe, C. Laura Secord

  9. In 1879, which Canadian scientist developed Standard Time, Time zones and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)?
    A. Normand Bethune B. Sir Sanford Fleming C. Frederick Banting

  10. In 1999, Jack Mackenzie, a spry 77 year old Canadian, became the oldest person in the world to ...
    A. Ski to the North Pole. B. Earn a doctorate. C. Compete at the Olympics.

Date: Thursday 11 February
Time: 8:00 pm
Place: Antica Enoteca, Via Della Croce 76
Nearest Metro stop: Spagna

25 euros for CCR members
35 euros for non-members
Ticket includes 2 glasses of wine, water and antipasti

Dress code: Lets go for our National Colours - Red and White or 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Official wear.
Don't forget to buy your tickets by 8 February by sending your confirmation of attendance at our email address