Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An Island Odyssey - January 21, 2010

A small group of CCR members and friends were informed and entertained by Rachel Rennie with her knowledge of Scotland, the Isles and her flair for presenting scotch.
The table is set for an evening of scotch tasting by CCR members and friends.

She had entitled the evening An Island Odyssey and we were transported from Rome to Scotland and traveled the coast learning more about that most Scottish of drinks. As she spoke of the Islands we tasted - and smelled the incredible aromas - of scotch from the Orkney's, Jura, Islay and Skye.
(l to r) John McFadden, Jana Lyn Thirlwall, Joe Grant and Rick Brico settle in for an evening of fine scotch and congenial company.

You did not have to be a scotch connoisseur or an experienced scotch drinker, Rachel gives her listeners the opportunity to learn and appreciate. She also marries the enjoyment of the drink with details on geography,history, music, poetry and food making this a perfect evening. You learn that scotch goes well with a variety of foods and you are encouraged to discuss the different flavors of the foods and scotch. Her presentation was both an unforgettable learning experience and a true pleasure.

For further information of the glories of the Isles check out Rachel's website: