Saturday, May 8, 2010

CCR Theatre Night - Los Vivancos - May 13, 2010

Los Vivancos – an evening of passion, excitement and raw Latin sensuality like nothing else you’ve ever seen!

When: May 13,2010

Time: 21:00

Place: Teatro Olimpico
Piazza Gentile de Fabriano 17

Special CCR Member's price &euro 20
Guests &euro 25
Children under 12 years &euro 13

Join the seven Vivancos brothers for an evening of irresistible energy. Their unforgettable performances are a unique fusion of influences - combining authentic flamenco with classical ballet and a healthy dose of exuberant street-dance.

With years spent working out on stage, the brothers combine dance virtuosity with acrobatic prowess and an extraordinary sense of rhythm – throwing themselves into non-stop routines that embody the Latin temperament – while also revealing a more playful humorous side.

‘If you put Tap Dogs, Joaquin Cortes and a rock concert in a giant blender you’d have the essence of Los Vivancos.’ Quintessentially, Athens

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