Thursday, November 25, 2010

Book Presentation - Canadian author Kim Thúy

The Embassy of Canada has cordially extended an invitation to CCR members to take part in the presentation of Riva, the Italian version of Canadian-Vietnamese author, Kim Thúy’s award-winning debut novel, Ru (the original French-language title).

The book will be presented by the Canadian Embassy to Italy, in collaboration with the Quebec Delegation in Rome and the Italian publisher, Edizioni Nottetempo.

Fiera della Piccola e Media Editoria – Più libri più liberi –
Sala Smeraldo, Palazzo dei Congressi all'EUR,
Piazzale Kennedy 1,
Saturday December 4th at 17:00 hrs
Entry Fee: €6,00

La Libreria Bibli,
Via dei Fienaroli 28 in Trastevere
Monday December 6th at 18:30 hrs
Free Entry

Please note that Mme Thúy will speak in French and the commentators in Italian, both with consecutive translation.

Kim Thúy Ly was born in Saigon in 1968 and fled Vietnam with her family in 1978. From the age of 10, shortly after she arrived in Canada, she has worked as a vegetable picker, seamstress and cashier during her studies. Since completing her degrees in law (1993) as well as in linguistics and translation (1990), she has worked as a translator, interpreter, lawyer, restaurateur, food commentator and most recently as a novelist. Her incredible journey as a refugee is the narrative of her debut novel Riva (Ru in the original French). The book became an instant sensation in Quebec and France, and it will soon be available in Italian, English, German, Spanish and Swedish.