Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Wakefield Grannies - World AIDS Day 2010

It is fitting that on World AIDS Day we say a few words about this year's charity: The Wakefield Grannies.

As most of you know this incredible group of women - everyone of a certain age that qualifies them as a Granny - from a small community north of Ottawa have banded together to give assistance to a group of Grandmothers (GoGos) in Alexandria, South Africa. These remarkable women from the township just outside Johannesburg have watched as an entire generation was felled by the AIDS epidemic raging through Africa. They saw their children die and their grandchildren left orphaned. At at time in life when most women have already raised their families they found themselves once again providing for young children and infants - materially and emotionally.  Though much of the assistance from the Wakefield Grannies is monetary, they also provide educational, legal and invaluable moral support to their counterparts in South Africa.

More on their work and the 30 groups that have sprung up from this one small group of concerned and caring women can be found on their website:  The Wakefield Grannies.

This being the Festive Season the Grannies are preparing hampers to be sent to Alexandria. We want to help them fill those hampers generously with both the necessities that help fulfil the daily needs of these children and their Gogos as well as a few of the niceties that every child delights in receiving at this season of the year.

As part of our Holiday Festa celebration on December 16th we'll be holding a draw for some wonderful prizes that have been generously donated by various vendors and individuals.  Tickets will be sold at the door and drawings made throughout the evening.

Tickets are €10.00 each or €50.00 for 6 (that gratis ticket could be the big winner!)

The vendors who have generously donated prizes for the raffle will have tables at the party with other beautiful items for sale.  Cash and credit cards will be accepted for items purchased.