Friday, March 4, 2011

The Good Old Hockey Game

Please note change to game times.

Hockey Club Mentana: Coach Bob Wakefield (seated centre), Assistant
Coach Paul Ares (seated left), team doctor (seated right)
The Hockey Club Mentana (HCM) is inviting all Canadians, and friends, to their two final games of the regular Serie ‘C’ season in Mentana on the weekend of March 12 and 13. These two games will be against the ‘Bulldogs’, an ice-hockey club from Tor Felice (Torino) from northern Italy. It’s a win or lose situation! If HCM wins both games, the club will be in the playoffs to be held in northern Italy at the end of March.
There are sixteen teams in the Serie ‘C’ ice hockey league managed by the hockey federation of Italy. HCM is the only team existing south of Bologna. It has won all but one of its regular season games and is now well-positioned to go to the finals.

Much of HCM’s success is due to the efforts of their Canadian coach, Robert (Bob) Wakefield, who, over the last two years, has taken the team from a ragtag pickup hockey club to a well-organized, skilled and dedicated group of hockey players. CCR member Paul Ares, another Canadian and one of the former HCM pickup hockey players, is assistant coach.

When: On Saturday, 12 March, the game is from 12:00 to 15:00
On Sunday, 13 March, the game is from 12:30 to 15:30
Where: The games will be played at the Palaghiaccio located at Centro Sportivo
Mezzaluna in Mentana (close to Monterotondo).
GPS coordinates:
Mentana, 00013

Mentana and its hockey club have a special connection to Canada. The Bar at the rink is called ‘Canadiens’ and is decorated with hockey souvenirs from the Montreal Canadiens, as well as from other Canadian hockey teams. Overlooking the rink is a pizzeria/pub where the homemade pizza and fresh beer brewed in large vats on the premises draw a regular crowd of locals.

Join us to cheer on this great group of guys who have embraced one of our National sports with enthusiasm and that great sense of Italian brio.