Friday, November 15, 2013

Canadian Tax Credit for CCR Charitable Donations in 2012-13

As members of the Canadian Club of Rome will recall, the CCR’s most recent charity was the “Lieutenant Governor’s Aboriginal Summer Camp Reading Programme” (LGASCRP) benefiting children in remote communities in Canada.

That programme is administered by Frontier College, which is a non-profit entity under the Canadian income tax regulations and which has informed us that donations for its activities may be credited against taxes owed in Canada. This applies to our consolidated donation in 2013 to Frontier College for the L.G.A.S.C.R.P.
Accordingly, would any CCR members or others who made contributions to the L.G.A.S.C.R.P. through the CCR in the past year, who pay income tax in Canada, and who wish to receive a receipt for Canadian income tax purposes, please inform us of the amount of their contribution. We in turn will inform Frontier College, which will issue the receipts.

Please inform the CCR (at NOT LATER THAN December 6, 2013 that you wish a receipt, providing the name in which it should be issued and the amount. 

Thank you for your cooperation,

Peter McKellar, Vice President