Monday, December 30, 2013

CCR Walks with Olivia: Family tombs of the Scipios - January 19, 2014

There is currently a WAIT LIST for this walk.

Special permission secured for access to ‘Sepolcro degli Scipioni’ -- the family tombs of the ancient Roman patrician Scipio family.

Elevation view of the tomb façade of the 2nd half of the 2nd century BC, as reconstructed by Filippo Coarelli. (WikipediaCommons)

The Scipio branch of the Cornelii family produced brilliant generals, politicians, and builders of some of Rome's most celebrated monuments, thus shaping the history and, especially, the culture of Republican Rome. They helped vanquish Carthage and spearheaded Rome's acceptance of Greek cultural influence in the 3rd century BC. The Scipio family tombs were discovered in the 17th century, but it was during the extensive excavations in 1780 that cartloads of sculpture were carried off to the Vatican Museums. The tombs were restored during the Fascist period and then closed in the 1980s. As of December the ‘Sepolcro degli Scipioni’ is temporarily open for visits. We will be inspecting the various buildings which superseded the tomb as well as the small Museo delle Mura di San Sebastiano.

When: SUNDAY, January 19, 2014
Time: 9:30 a.m. The walk lasts about two and a half hours, starting promptly at 9:30.
Meeting Point: near Porta San Sebastiano on the Appian way. The exact meeting point will be sent out to registered participants.
Cost: €10 for CCR members, €15 for non-members. Please note: Entrance fee: 4 euro (Sepolcro/Tombs), 4 euro (Museo delle Mura). Carta d'Identità holders get a discount on this second ticket (3 euro).
RSVP required by Thursday, January 16. ATTN: Linda at or Olivia at You are financially responsible for your reservation.
NOTE: Please bring correct change, familiarize yourself with the meeting place ahead of time and make sure you are ready to depart promptly.