Thursday, October 3, 2019

CCR Day Trip: Orvieto - October 19, 2019

Come and discover the enchanting city of Orvieto in Umbria, whose rich history dates saw Etruscans, Romans, Goths and Longobards before becoming a self-governing medieval township within the Papal States. Most of its most beautiful constructions, including the magnificent duomo, date back to this period. Join us to learn more on a lovely day trip just an hour from Rome.

Upon arrival, our English-speaking guide will meet us and accompany the group to visit the famous Santa Maria Cathedral, providing a detailed description of the two levels, its architecture, artwork, mosaics, and bronze statues. Afterwards our guide will take us for a walk and tell us about the history and the architecture of this very picturesque city before going to visit Saint Patrick's Well with its amazing view of the city and Etruscan ruins. This well was commissioned by Pope Clement VII when he took refuge in Orvieto during the sack of Rome in 1527. Ensuring a supply of water to its citizens all year and in case of prolonged sieges, it is considered a marvel of the architectural genius of Antonio da Sangallo the Younger and his collaborators.

By then it will be time to eat! We've reserved at a classic restaurant called Le Grotte del Funaro -- and yes, lunch will be served in real grottoes. The menu includes grilled vegetables, cheese and bruschettas along with a home-made pasta typical of the region called Ombrichelli with a sauce made with seasonal veggies, along with wine and water.

After lunch people may want to take a stroll and go for ice cream. There will be time for those who wish to visit the Etruscan museum on Piazza del Duomo.

When: Saturday, October 19, 2019  
Transportation and timing: Participants may drive to Orvieto with their own vehicle or meet up at Termini to take the 9 o'clock train arriving in Orvieto at 10:14. Our guide will meet us at the station. For those returning by train, there is a convenient one at 5:27 p.m., arriving at 6:54 at Termini.
Cost: €36 per CCR member, €40; includes the guide, entrance fees at the Cathedral and Pozzo and lunch. Advance payment required.
N.B. Numbers are limited, so book early
RSVP at ATTN Marielle.