Saturday, March 13, 2010

CCR Theatre Night - INFERNO


April 13,2010


Place: Teatro Olimpico
Piazza Gentile de Fabriano 17

CCR members 22 euro

Non members 26 euro

Children 4-12 years old 15 euro

Note all tickets must be paid in advance.

RSVP for bookings by March 31,2010 to

A performance where the real and the virtual mingle in a kaleidoscope of amazing images inspired by the most famous passages from Dante's First Canti. Spectacular mid-air duels between Angels and Demons, acrobatic flying, lights, actors - hosts of souls falling to eath like autumn leaves. This might be a description of a painting by Esher or Bosch but in fact we are talking about the newest spectacle from Emiliano Pellisponte: INFERNO. A journey into the underworld.

This is a theatrical space which defies the physics of reality by offering a new dimension: the dream world. Dante breaches the Infernal Gates hung with the bodies of the damned and enters into a world of souls swimming in limbo. The winds bring us the souls, sweet and poignant, of Paolo and Francesca, whose bodies come alive in the air, dissolved by the constraints of gravity. In this world where the above and below and up and down are abolished, Minos, suspended upside down, judges the damned, while the Devils play in the air. The road to hell is an obstacle course: Dante crosses broken bridges, climbs rugged mountains and in a last major effort finds unexpected aid from a human tower of 6 dancers - the giant Nimrod. In the pit of hell he finds a frozen lake encasing the bodies of the damned. But at the end of his journey, he and Virgil ascend towards a beckoning light - a great star of dancers suspended in mid-air illuminating the climax of his journey into INFERNO.

This is an evening of Italian language theatre.