Monday, March 22, 2010

The Scotch on the Raj Experience

Another great evening of Scotch tasting with CCR member Rachel Rennie accompanied by wonderful Indian food crafted by member Chef Allen Rahman. For anyone who was skeptical that Indian food could be married with the finest scotch, this evening proved that fine ingredients do go well together despite not having an obvious connection.

Rachel and Allen (above) did a lot of work in preparing this evening and left nothing to chance, thus ensuring that all participants would come away enchanted with the experience.

Rachel gave us a masterful and very interesting talk on the different scotches we tasted and Allen outdid himself in the excellent food he prepared for us. He also gave us a little of the history behind each dish; explaining the correct ingredients, measurements and spices that perfectly enhance the delicate taste of each dish. And we also learned of the Canadian connection with Indian food: people such as Lords Dalhousie, Metcalfe and Minto, all who served as Governors-General of Canada, played important roles in influencing local cuisine while Viceroys of India. The exquisite food was a delight accompanied by some surprises, such as the use of edible silver paper in the delicate carrot dessert Halwa. And to add an even more Canadian touch we were serenaded by music from India played on the Peace Tower Carillon on Parliament Hill.

We tasted 4 different scotches, Glenmorangie Original, 15 year old Dalwhinnie, Bowmore Surf and 12 year old Highland Park. As many participants found out, you do not have to be a Scotch drinker or even knowledgeable about Scotch or Scotland for that matter to enjoy the presentation by Rachel. Just listening to her enthusiastic and informative talk is a delight in itself.

Two prizes were drawn at the end of the evening. Another memorable evening. For those of you who missed out, don't despair! Allen and Rachel are planning another great food and scotch experience in May, this time in the countryside. Do not miss this great event! Details will appear on the CCR blog.

Laurent Beaulieu