Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Season of Success

With the coming of June our CCR Season for 2009-2010 is starting to wind down. Many of our members are returning to Canada, some for vacations or to visit family or friends. Others, sadly for us, to return home after their time here in Rome. Many others are heading for various exotic and wonderful destinations around the globe as the warm weather heats things up here in the Eternal City.

We thought we'd take the next week or two to post highlights of the various and varied events that CCR members and friends took part in over the past 9 months. We'll be posting photos and a few words on things that have given us the opportunity to get together and, as we say on the side bar, live, laugh and love in Rome.

With many thanks to our official photographer Anna Ambrosini and unofficial paparazzi Laurie Federgreen, Tora Galway, Simonetta Allder, Cindi Emond and Will Hobbs.