Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hockey Night in Mentana

In a previous post we mentioned that CCR Executive member Paul Ares is the member of a hockey team (????) here in Italy and that we had future plans that would involve a "Hockey Night In Mentana". There will be more about that when we look at events for the 2010-2011 season but in the meantime we thought you might enjoy a bit of background on our National Sport as played just outside of Rome.

Paul took some photos of the team during practice last winter and Coach Bob Wakefield sent along an e-mail when the story of their team was featured in the Ottawa Citizen on May 31.

Many of you encouraged me to publish this story. At first, I was unmoved. I thought you were being kind, and besides it would be a lot of work to get it ready for publication. But some of you persisted. The irresistible lure was that stories like this rarely appear about hockey. Other sports frequently publish off-the-beaten-track stories but hockey not so much. Thanks for all the encouragement. I hope you enjoy Don Campbell’s re-write.

The Ottawa Citizen link is here.

The next project is to start a minor hockey program in Mentana. Hockey equipment is outrageously expensive in Italy and very hard to find. If you think you can round up some used equipment I will make arrangements to have a shipped to Italy. If you think you can contribute please let me know.

Bob Wakefield

Lui tira! Segna!