Saturday, July 3, 2010

Membership 2010-2011

Just a final word before we all go away on vacation, I wish to remind everyone that your membership EXPIRED at midnight on June 30, that's right our CCR Season runs from September to June 30.

So it is very important if you want to continue to participate and take advantage of the the member's rate for events to renew your membership as soon as possible by contacting Laurie Federgreen our Membership coordinator. You can reach Laurie at

Membership fees for the 2010-2011 Season are:

€40 for singles

€70 for couple + €30 for a third person (family)

€30 for seniors (60+) or students (-18)

We also have a new policy, in order to join or renew your membership, you will need to fill out our membership form. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, you must fill out this form in order for us to have at least minimum information on who you are. The CCR will no longer accept payment without the membership form duly completed and returned to Laurie. Given the number of venues we have and for reasons of security we need to have basic info on members.

Filling out the form is easy and quick. Just contact Laurie and she will have all the answers you.

All the best to all of you this summer and please make a note in your calendar that we will re-start our activities on 22 September 2010.

Ciao, a presto