Sunday, February 1, 2015

iD by Cirque Éloize - March 31, 2015

"This truly thrilling modern circus show from the Canadian-based troupe was as nail-biting as it was beautiful... Cirque Éloize’s famed iD an eye-popping display of contemporary circus acts fused with frenetic urban dance and graphically staged theatre."
THE TELEGRAPH, October 2013, London (United Kingdom)

“iD will take audiences on a journey through urban landscapes, heart-pumping soundtracks and breathtaking sequences... Each member of the show has a unique skill – from break-dancing to aerial trapeze – and their individual acts melt into each other making for a seamless showcase of jaw-dropping stunts.”
CITY TIMES, August 2013, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

“Jaw-dropping entertainment! An eloquent testament to imagination, artistry and the child within us all!” 
THE MIAMI HERALD, July 2011, Miami (USA)

What in the world is generating all this excitement?!

Since starting in 1993 from its base in Old Montreal, Cirque Éloize has been at the forefront of the renewal of circus arts, emphasizing skill and generating wonder. Director Jeannot Painchaud brings together fourteen artists representing thirteen circus disciplines in his newest show, iD, a spectacle that incorporates acrobatics, dramatic staging, music and urban dance.

The Canadian Club of Rome has secured 16 prime seats (row 21) at the special price of €40 rather than the regular €55. Priority will be given to current CCR Members for these tickets. Those wishing to have an aperitivo beforehand can join our group at Panella-L'Arte del Pane for a drink and snacks.

By the way,  éloize means "heat lightning" in Acadian French, or éclair de chaleur in Standard French!

When: Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Where: Teatro Brancaccio, Via Merulana 244
Time: 9:00 p.m.
Cost:  €40 (instead of regular €55) -- first choice to CCR Members in good standing; advance payment required
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