Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vatican Treasure Hunt

 X marks the spot: come join us on a Treasure Hunt inside the Vatican Museums!

The Treasure Hunt is a game designed to inspire fun and laughter. No prior knowledge or preparation needed, and it is easy to play.  All materials needed for the game will be provided. You do not need to bring, or prepare anything. You can bring your team of 4 friends, or join a team. (Maximum 4 people per team.)

When: Saturday, May 7th. 3pm to 6pm
Where:  Entrance to the Vatican Museum, Viale Vaticano at 2:45 pm
Cost: €20.00 per person (members and non-members) includes Game and Museum entrance fees

The Treasure Hunt Game consists of two rounds. In the First Round, the teams walk through half the museum, identifying objects or images which could be used to create an imaginary civilization. For the Second Round, the teams walk through the second half of the museum, identifying objects or images which could be used to create a fantastic party. At the end of each round, the teams gather, and each team reports what they have found. After much laughter, they vote on the best civilization or party.

How to Get There:

Line A, Stations: Ottaviano-S. Pietro-Musei Vaticani; Cipro (from both stations 10 minutes walk).

49, stop in front of the Museums Entrance.
32, 81, 982, Piazza del Risorgimento, end of the line (5 minutes walk).
492, 990, Via Leone IV / Via degli Scipioni (5 minutes walk).

19, Piazza del Risorgimento (5 minutes walk).

Maximum 20 people total, so please book now to avoid disappointment by e-mail to