Thursday, May 5, 2011

Murder at the Torretta de’ Massimi - A Murder Mystery Pranzo

Following the suspicious death of Baroness Audrey von Munchen, the fabulous von Munchen relics are to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. In the absence of a legal heir, it looks like all the proceeds will go to her favourite charity - unless a claimant comes forward at the last moment. What is the truth behind the Baroness’s death? There’s only one way to find out!

An auction as important as this one is bound to attract a wide range of guests. Apart from antique dealers and private collectors, you may also find prominent members of the Church, political activists, spies, assassins, and even the occasional drug dealer - as well as all of the Baroness’s ‘loyal’ staff. Take nothing for granted, however: not everyone is who they appear to be...

All those invited to this murder mystery are given a character in the plot. Although only one of them is the actual murderer, nearly everyone is a prime suspect. As guests arrive, they are greeted by the Baroness’s lawyer, Freddie Farr. They get the chance to view her splendid relics, investigate her murder, bid in the auction and do whatever wheeling and dealing is required to achieve their character’s other main objective: to end up the richest person in the room!

Murder isn’t the only crime guests are likely to encounter. Blackmail, bribery, theft, fraud and extortion also lurk not far beneath the surface. Why has the Brooch of Salaar gone missing? Whatever happened to the Baroness’s husband? And why are some guests so keen to bid for the Japanese sword? Come to the auction to find out...

When:  June 5, 2011 at 12 noon
Where: The Villa Foresteria, at the Torretta de’ Massimi estate in Rome
Cost: €35.00 per person (members and non-members) including the game and lunch. Booking and prepayment required by 5 pm May 25, 2011.

The Menu

Prosecco with hors d'oeuvres

Handmade lasagne with garden tomatoes and fresh herbs

Involtini with roasted eggplant and veal with red pepper coulis
Oven roasted potatoes with thyme
Spring salad with mixed field greens

Homemade sorbetto with cookies

Wines, fruit juices, water

As participation is limited to 40 people book early to avoid disappointment at

This is not an event suitable for small children, including babies.  However, older children (14+) are welcome at a discount of €30 per person.  The game includes optional younger characters which teenagers have greatly enjoyed playing.

Details about Location

The Villa Foresteria, at the Toretta de’ Massimi estate in Rome
phone 338 68 88833 or Lori Hickey at 346 4959 199

It is on the western side of Rome, inside the GRA.

Via della Pisana 600, Rome, 00163
(however, put Via della Pisana 419 in your car’s navigation)

Their webpage gives detailed instructions:
(also, the Google maps link on that page has a clear view of the entrance gate on Via della Pisana)