Sunday, November 6, 2011

Visit to Cinecittà ("Cinema City") - November 26, 2011

Our last chance!
The exhibit, as well as the studios, are open to the public only until November 30, 2011.

WHEN:     Saturday, November 26, 2011
MEETING PLACE: Entrance to Cinecittà, Via Tuscolana 1055, Rome
TIME: 10:30.
PUBLIC TRANSPORT:  Metro A, stop: Cinecittà ; buses 502, 503, 552, 654.
PARKING: ATAC underground parking, 1.50 euros
TICKET PRICE: 10 euros,  7 euros for seniors (bring ID). For groups of 10 or more: 8 euros each. PLEASE BRING EXACT CHANGE!

Kindly let NICOLETTA know if you re coming:  cell.334 94 55 221


A spectacular journey through the Cinecittà studios to discover the secrets of cinema.

Cinecittà shows off, traces the History of Cinecittà: scenes, costumes, sets, characters – actors, directors, producers – all that passed throughThe Dream Factory.

Cinecittà has always been the place where one can make the immaterial become real, where authors and professionals can express themselves: going in with a script and coming out with a finished film. All this is made possible by the stages and workshops where the entire production process is carried out, but above all by the experience and expertise of all the people involved.

The exhibition intends to pay homage to those who helped make Cinecittà great, to all those working “behind the scenes” and contributing to the creation of films with their talent and expertise.

The exhibition route reproduces every step of the film-making process, from the script to the post-production stage, focussing on the jobs and skills of the professionals involved in producing the finished work. You will appreciate the skill of the costume designers and seamstresses in the costume room along with the talent and creativity of the set designers and craftsmen in the set room.

The exhibition extends over various areas, both inside and outside, ranging from the Palazzina Direzione Generale to the Palazzina Fellini, taking in viale Broadway, Martin Scorsese’s set FOR GANGS OF NEW YORK, and the set of Imperial Rome.

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