Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update for CCR members from the Wakefield Grannies

The Wakefield Grannies, who were the CCR charity-of-choice during the last club year, have sent an update to our members.

Dear CCR members in Rome, 

We, the Grannies in Wakefield wanted to send you a little update on what we are up to. You will remember that in September 2010 you were kind enough to host us with the help of Air Canada. We had a wonderful time in Rome with you all and have fond memories of our trip. 

As you know the Wakefield Grannies have committed to supporting a small group in Natal, South Africa in addition to our 40 Gogos (grandmothers) in Alexandra Township. We became aware of them when they drove for 8 hours to come to a hospice in Soweto to pick up mealie pap (a corn porridge which is a staple in the African diet). Since then we have sent them small amounts of money to help with food and transportation to medical appointments. In South Africa a little goes a long way. Your generous donations last year made a big impact and we will not forget the help of our fellow Canadians in Italy. 

Our next challenge is to arrange to send two Wakefield Grannies to South Africa to assess the needs in our two groups. The original Alex Gogos have had the benefit of seven years of support and many of their grandchildren are now hoping to enter college or university. Stability and hope for the future are showing results in school success and goals for young people and we need to evaluate how best to maximize this development. We also believe that we need to have an on-site visit at least once every three years to ensure our ability to verify that all funds we send are used well. Of course as you know, "all money raised goes directly to help the women in South Africa" and that we have no administration costs. So we are facing a new challenge this year, how to fly two Wakefield Grannies to South Africa without having to use money already earmarked as part of our direct support? We will need to make a special appeal for help if any of you feel so inclined please let us know by visiting our web site: 

Best regards to you all from Wakefield, Quebec 

Brenda Rooney for 
The Wakefield Grannies