Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Book Presentation: Jeannie Marshall - October 5, 2023

Fellow Canadian and longtime Rome resident Jeannie Marshall will present to members and friends of the CCR her personal exploration of what it means to look at art in her book "All Things Move: Learning to Look in the Sistine Chapel." The Washington Post review describes it as "compact and elegantly voiced." It is a book that starts in the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo’s frescoes and moves out and onto the streets of Rome, entwining personal history with the history of the last half millennium, bringing us back to the present moment where we can stand in the room and ask what this great piece of Western art means to us in the twenty-first century.

Born and raised in Toronto, Jeannie has lived in many global cities and has worked as a reporter for numerous Canadian and international newspapers and sites. She moved to Rome in 2002.

When: Thursday, October 5, 2023
Time: arrival starting 6:30 p.m., 7 p.m. presentation begins.
Where: CCR member's private residence, Quartiere Trieste area; exact address sent to confirmed participants by email. Light refreshments will be provided.
Cost: Free.
RSVP to canadarome@gmail.com by noon Oct. 3rd, or until all places booked.