Monday, September 16, 2013

CCR 2013-2014 Season Opening Luncheon - September 29, 2013

Last year we held our holiday season dinner in the gorgeous rooftop restaurant at Hotel FortySeven, over-looking the Arch of Janus, the Roman Forum, the Tiber and the Temples of Portunus and Hercules in the Forum Boarium. Now we'll get the chance to enjoy all this splendour during the day, as the Canadian Club of Rome holds its official 2013-2014 Season Opening with a luncheon at Hotel FortySeven's top-ranking Circus Restaurant.  

Our menu, prepared by celebrated Chef Vito Grippa, will feature “Filetti di pesce spada alle erbe con orzo perlato ai pomodori datterini e basilico” (swordfish filets with herbs and pearl barley with cherry tomatoes and basil). Dessert will be “Semifreddo al thè verde macha con ananas all'anice stellato e zenzero in agrodolce” (frozen macha green tea dessert with pineapple scented with star anise and sweet and sour ginger). Wine, mineral water and coffee will be served.

When: Sunday, September 29, 2013
Where: Hotel FortySeven, Via Petroselli 47; parking available
Time: 1 p.m. (please be punctual)
Cost: CCR members €20 (special price thanks to CCR), non-members €25
Dress code: daytime smart casual
RSVP by no later than Thursday, Sept. 26th to
Please inform us of any dietary requirements upon RSVP.